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Storm Jib not required

Class Rules changes Storm Jib not required on new class rules 05.03.6.a and 05.03.6.a deleted 05.07.01 deleted Micro Class rules

Euro Micro Results for 2022

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We finally have the final results of the 2022 Euro Micro Cup after all 2022 Regattas. Congratulations to the winners and all the crews !

Statement on jib measurement

IMCCA statement on jib measurement All jibs measured by an official Micro class measurer by July 2022 or later will be considered valid. All measurements are always to be measured according to the class…

Euro Micro Results for 2021

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We finally have  the final results of the 2021 Euro Micro Cup after all 2021 Regattas. Congratulations to the winners and all the crews !
Micro Worlds France 2024


Aug 24 to Aug 30 2024


2021 IMCCA GA – Minute of meeting

Participating Countries: France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Russia. Represented by: On site : Philippe Bernaben (IMCCA President), Manfred Bauendahl (IMCCA Measurer) Francis Marx (GER), Regis Mitonneau (FRA) Through…

Euro Micro Italy 3rd-6th June 2021

just to inform you that EURO MICRO ITALY will be held in Venice with dates: 3, 4, 5, 6 June 2021. Presentations and some instructions (see below) for you and potential partecipants. We all hope to…


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The Mondial Micro in Martigues is soon approaching.  We have published the notice of race which will allow you to better prepare for this great Micro event from Saturday 24 to Friday 30 July 2021. Race…

General Assembly 2020

The General Assembly 2020 was held via Visio Conference on NOVEMBER 19th 2020 Participating Countries:  France, Germany,  Italy, Poland, Slovakia . Represented by: Philippe Bernaben (IMCCA…

CANCELLED – MICReau d’heure

MICReau d'heure « Euro Micro Belgium » 17 - 18 / 10 / 2020 is cancelled

RSS MicroClass France

  • Vente Micro Proto modèle Microbe 05.01.2024
    1290 € BATEAU VENDU ! Micro Proto modèle Microbe avec une remorque sans carte grise. Mât, tangon et bôme en alu avec les VOILES DE REGATE : GV, Foc et spi   Cet article Vendu : Vente Micro Proto modèle Microbe est apparu en premier sur MC18 Microclass France.

RSS MicroClass Russia

  • Яхты Микро на фоне реактора 07.03.2024
    Чемпионат России 2024, 25-30 июня 2024, Черемшанский залив Куйбышевского водохранилища, Димитровград. Спортсменам нашего класса не впервой гоняться на фоне реакторов и АЭС. Это и этап Кубка России в Курчатове и постоянные соревнования на озерах Урала. Но Чемпионат России в таком антураже проходил впервые. Проходил в Димитровграде, на реке Большой Черемшан, в ведомственном яхт-клубе «Нейтрон». Именно […]

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