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Euro Micro Results for 2022

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We finally have the final results of the 2022 Euro Micro Cup after all 2022 Regattas. Congratulations to the winners and all the crews !

Statement on jib measurement

IMCCA statement on jib measurement All jibs measured by an official Micro class measurer by July 2022 or later will be considered valid. All measurements are always to be measured according to the class…

Euro Micro Results for 2021

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We finally have  the final results of the 2021 Euro Micro Cup after all 2021 Regattas. Congratulations to the winners and all the crews !

2021 IMCCA GA – Minute of meeting

Participating Countries: France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Russia. Represented by: On site : Philippe Bernaben (IMCCA President), Manfred Bauendahl (IMCCA Measurer) Francis Marx (GER), Regis Mitonneau (FRA) Through…
Euro Micro Paris


Apr 8 to Apr 10 2023


Euro Micro Italy


Jun 2 to Jun 4 2023

Top participation at MicroCup 2015

63 competitors have been racing during five days in Brest. 11 Nations were represented: Eastern Europe with Poland, Russia, Serbia, Latvia, Estonia, Slovakia, and Western Europe with Netherlands, Belgium,…

Polish Euro Micro Regatta Date Changed!

We are sorry to inform you at a short notice that Polish Micro Championships Regatta (also the Polish Euro Micro regatta for this year) has been moved to an earlier date due to drought and problems with…

Micro Class Rules 2015-2018 Published

IMCCA is happy to announce that the new edition of class rules is approved by ISAF and fully applicable. You can download the Class Rules of the Micro Class, edition 2015-2018 from our Class Rules…

Serbian Euro Micro 2015 Regatta

YC Zemun hosted the 2015 Serbian Euro Micro regatta. 15 boats with one crew from Slovakia participated. Conditions were very tricky - low winds and strong current of the river Danube. This made the…

Euro Micro Italy – CANCELED

Dear all, It is with great displeasure that, because of the failure to reach the minimum number of participants, we are forced to cancel the inaugural Italian Euro Micro Cup 2015. The IEMC 2015 was…

WC 2015 Website Launched!

Check out the new website dedicated to the Micro WC 2015. http://www.brest-2015.fr

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  • Régate à MOISSON LAVACOURT le 26 mars 2023 03.31.2023
    Compte rendu Régate de clôture à Moisson-Lavacourt le dimanche 26 mars 2023. Pour la dernière régate de clôture qui est un entraînement d’hiver avant de commencer le début de saison, nous nous sommes déplacés avec » il furioso « pour naviguer sur le lac de Moisson Lavacourt. Le vent annoncé était de 20 25 nœuds avec des […]

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  • Кубок России в классе Микро завершен! Сен 23, 2022Новости, Новости ФПС МО, Регаты 10.05.2022
    С 15 по 19 сентября 2022 года на акватории Пироговского рукава Клязьминского водохранилища проходил 3-й заключительный этап Кубка России в классе “Микро”. В соревновании приняли участие 16 экипажей из Москвы, Санкт-Петербурга, Екатеринбурга, ДолХороший ветер, интересные гоночные ситуации, тактическая борьба на знаках – все это определило победителей и призеров. Победителем 3-го этапа Кубка России стал экипаж […]

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  • FRÜHLINGSREGATTA IN ZÜLPICH 22.04.-23.04.2023 03.10.2023
    Der Ruder- und Segel-Club Zülpich e.V. lädt am 22.04. bis 23.05.2021 zur Frühlingsregatta ein. Die Microsaison in Deutschland startet traditionell mit dem deutschen Euro-Lauf in Zülpich, welcher in diesem Jahr auch als Landesmeisterschaft NRW der Micro Cupper ausgetragen wird. Es wird wie jedes Jahr eine Yardstickwertung geben, die auch älteren Schiffen eine erfolgreiche Teilnahme ermöglicht. Die […]

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