Specifications for the organisation of Euro-Micro regattas


1. General Conditions

a. Duration
2 to 6 days

b. Number of races and race courses
There shall be at least 4 races planned.
Short races: Target time between 45 and 60 minutes for the first boat.
One coastal race may be included in the programme.

c. Wind and waves conditions
The minimum wind velocity for racing shall be 3 knots.
The maximum wind velocity for racing shall be 26 knots (6 Beaufort), and the waves shall not exceed 2 metres.

d. Validation of shortened races
Shortened races will be valid if at least 50% of the distance is sailed

e. Validation of the regatta
The Regatta shall be valid if at least two races are sailed

f. Discards
One result should be discarded if more than 3 valid races are sailed
A second result should be discarded if more than 8 valid races are sailed.

g. Time limits
A time limit is allowed, in principle 50% of the time of the first in each division.

h. Regattas with multiple classes
When a regatta is organised simultaneously for several classes, the Micro Class shall be given separate starts. All Micros shall sail in the same fleet.
However, if the number of competitors in the Micro Class is 10 or less, the start may be given with another class or group of classes.


2. Safety

The organisers shall commit themselves to follow the safety rules and regulations valid in the country where the Regatta is organised.
A number of a least one safety boat for 20 competitors shall be provided, in addition of committee boats in radio liaison with them. This number shall be adapted to the specificity of the spot.


3. Notice of Race, Sailing Instructions and Notice Board

a. Official Notice of Race
The ISAF-Standard Sailing Instructions well known as Appendix L shall be used. The official Notice of Race, written in English, shall be sent to the national representatives and other addressees no later than 3 months before the event. It shall mention, in addition of items required by ISAF, the names and co-ordinates of a point of contact, able to give additional information.

b. Information about access to the spot and accommodation should be appended to the Notice of Race.

c. Sailing Instructions and Notice Board
The ISAF-Standard Sailing Instructions well known as Appendix L shall be used.
Sailing Instructions and messages on the notice board shall be written in English.


4. Entries

Entry fees shall not exceed 30 Euro, excluding non mandatory social events.
This amount may be increased by 10 Euro/day for regattas longer than 2 days.


5. Validation of Results

IMCCA reserves the right not to validate the results of a regatta if it was not organised in accordance with this Regulation or if it did not pass off satisfactorily.


6. Infrastructure

Dimensions: Navigable area shall be no less than 70 hectares.


7. Access to cranes and slipways – Courtesy Rule

The organising authority shall organise access to cranes and slipways in order to facilitate handling of boats coming from far away.


8. Recommendation: Participation

The organisators should have as a target the following levels of participation:

Level Competitors Nations
Marginal 10 2 3
Normal 15 3 5

A level “Normal” should be the average on a three-yearly base, and a level “Marginal” should be a minimal level to be achieved yearly.