Discover the Castiglione del Lago

Located on a promontory overlooking Lake Trasimeno, Castiglione del Lago is one of the most beautiful villages in the Lake Trasimeno area.

The village of Castiglione del Lago also includes the Polvese Island and owes its medieval imprint to the Lords of Corgna, became masters of the lake in the sixteenth century.

We advise you to start your itinerary from the Doge’s Palace (Palazzo della Corgna) its construction took place in 1563 at the behest of Ascanio della Corgna.

The Rocca and the Castle of the Lion are connected to the Palazzo della Corgna through a long and suggestive passage, with a typically feudal character. Made in 1247 at the behest of Frederick II of Swabia.

Discover the Sailing Club

The Club Velico Castiglionese a.s.d., it was founded in 1973 and affiliated first, to the FIV in 1975 and then from 1998, to the Regional Sailing School.

And it is precisely with the Sailing School that CVC has trained many sailors and winning athletes, who with their excellent performances have obtained first-rate placements and absolute victories both nationally and internationally.

The names of the winning athletes are many and to give everyone the right importance, please refer to the complete Golden Register. 

Since July 2005, the CVC ( club velico castiglionese) has  a new home and comfortable, with excellent facilities, friendly and efficient, expanded in 2016.

The area available to the Club include the Clubhouse and dock with adjoining a large space dedicated to equipment and ground services.

The CLUBHOUSE is the heart of the CVC .

The entire building is supported by Wi-Fi network.

The whole structure is surrounded by greenery, with large lawns, surrounding it, give it a charm and a unique connotation for members and guests who want to relax, enjoy the sun and the lake Trasimeno.


Via Brigata Garibaldi, 5/a, 06061 Castiglione del lago (PG) – Italy


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