Organisation of the Euro-Micro Championship


1. Description of the event

The Euro-Micro championship is a group of International regattas organised for Micros in the European IMCCA member nations.
These regattas include the Micro Cup, organised according to IMCCA Regulation A and several Euro-Micro regattas organised according to IMCCA Regulation B


2. Organising Authority

The Euro-Micro Championship is organised by the International Micro Cupper Class Association (IMCCA).


3. Calendar

a. The calendar of Euro-Micro Regattas is established by IMCCA during its Annual Meeting of the International Committee, organised in November or December.

b. Submissions from the National Associations or organisations shall be made in written no later than 15 days before this annual meeting.
However, nations are invited to make their submissions as soon as possible in order to co-ordinate national and international calendars, giving priority to international events.


4. Eligibility

a. Boat and skipper

    • Only pairs of boat and skipper are recorded.
    • When a boat sails in several regattas with different skippers, each pair boat-skipper will be recorded as a separate entry.
    • When a skipper changes his boat during the season, as the boat is definitely sold, stolen or destroyed, he may be ranked with the old and new boats as a single entry, provided he makes a request to IMCCA before the first regatta he is sailing with the new boat.nbsp; However, if the new boat is not in the same division, he will be ranked in both divisions as separate entries.
    • A skipper may charter a replacement boat if the transport of his usual boat is not economically justified.

b. Sailing in a foreign country

Only skippers participating in at least one regatta in a foreign country may be ranked.

c. Ranking results
To be ranked, competitor shall register with :

    • World Sailing sailor ID for the skipper
    • ISAF plate number for the boat

To avoid ranking errors, the ranking will be done based on those information.
World Sailing sailor ID can be obtained free of charge on World Sailing web site.
And we remind that ISAF plate is mandatory for all micros. It’s delivered by your local micro class association or directly by IMCCA.
The regatta organizer has to submit results to IMCCA with those two information, using the given spreadsheet.

5. Ranking

a. Number of results
The points are given on the best three regattas.

b. Scoring
For each participation, a competitor shall receive points given according to the “Austrian formula”, points=coeff*(101+1000*log(starters/place)), rounded to the nearest integer.

c. Coefficients
All Euro-Micros are given a coefficient 1,0.
The results of the Micro Cup receive coefficient 1,5.

d. Invalid regatta
When a regatta is invalidated by the IMCCA International Committee, all competitors will receive the points for the last place in this regatta. This validates their entry in the Euro-Micro.

e. Multiple euro micro regatta per country
When a boat participate in more than 1 euro micro regatta in a country, only the best result will be take into account.


6. Nominations

a. Ranking overall
There shall be nominations for the first, second and third entries in the overall ranking, inclusive Divisions Racers and Cruisers.

b. Ranking in the Divisions
There shall be a nomination for the first in Division Racers and the first in Division Cruisers.
The points for these rankings are given according to the points in the general ranking.