International Class fee and ISAF plaque


1. Principle

According to the ISAF Regulation 26, IMCCA signed an Agreement with ISAF relating to the recognition of the International Micro Cupper Class Association.

As in Regulation 26, for any new boat built after the date of application of the Agreement shall be paid. This fee is approximately 0.4% of the price of a new boat excluding sails.
And a plaque shall be applied on each boat at a conspicuous place.
In addition, the plaque is required on any boat entering the World Championship, regardless of the date of construction.
Plaques are permanently attached to a Boat and may not be removed when the Boat is sold.

2. Procedures

a. IMCCA purchases packs of plaques to ISAF. These plaques are managed by IMCCA distribution centers (list on request).

b. National Micro Class Associations may purchase packs of 10 plaques or more from IMCCA and re-distribute, against payment, only to their members.

c. Licensed builders shall affix a plaque on any boat of a certified production. They shall purchase packs of plaques at a level of their expected annual consumption and a minimum of 10 plaques. They may not re-sell plaques to owners of boats of another production, even if the boats were previously built by the manufacturer, without prior permission of IMCCA.

d. Individuals shall purchase plaques directly from IMCCA (see the tariff page). IMCCA shall organize delivery.

e. IMCCA shall provide a sufficient number of plaques for the World Championships, they shall be paid to the IMCCA representative at the venue.


3. Annual reports

a. Nations distributing the plaques to their members shall send IMCCA yearly, no later than November 15th, a list of the plaques delivered, a list of existing plaques found on imported boats, a list of exported boats and a list of changes of owner within the country. These lists shall contain at least, for each boat:

    • the plaque number;
    • the boat type as mentionned in Document 4;
    • the year of build;
    • the allotted sail number;
    • the official boat name;
    • the name of the owner;
    • any relevant comment (“imported from” +country, “exported to&” +country, “bought from” +name of previous owner).

b. Licensed builders shall send to IMCCA and their National Micro Class Association, yearly, no later than 15 November, a list of the plaques affixed on boats of their certified production. This list shall contain at least, for each boat:

    • the plaque number;
    • the boat type as mentionned in Document 4;
    • the year of build;
    • where available, the allotted sail number;
    • where available, the official boat name;
    • the name of the owner.

Where sail numbers and boat names are not known by the licensed builder, the National Micro Class Association shall provide the information to IMCCA.

c. IMCCA shall keep a global list including plaques distributed directly. National Micro Class Authorities shall receive from IMCCA updated lists of the plaques including those of the previous years, those distributed to nationals by the association, licensed builders and IMCCA.


4. It is prohibited:

a. to purchase a plaque and affix it on any boat that is not believed to be a Micro Cupper;

b. to attempt to remove a plaque from a boat and transfer to another boat;

c. for a licensed builder,

    • to affix a plaque on, or sell a plaque for a boat that is not manufactured by the builder,
    • to affix a plaque on, or sell a plaque for a boat that is manufactured by the builder, but is not certified by IMCCA,
    • to sell a boat with plaque affixed without certificate of compliance,
    • unless permission is given by IMCCA;

d. for a National Micro Class Association,

    • to sell a plaque for a boat that is not clearly identified as a compliant Micro Cupper (issuing of a Boat Certificate is recommended),
    • to sell a plaque to an owner from another nation, unless permission is given by IMCCA.


5. Unused plaques

When a licensed builder ceases any production of a certified boat, or a National Micro Class Class Association ceases distribution, unused plaques shall be returned to IMCCA and paid at original retail price.