Euro Micro Calendar/Results for 2017







29-30 April GER Euro Micro Germany Zuelpich pdf pdf
6-8 May FRA Plobsheim Regatta – Europeenne Micro Plobsheim pdf
11-15 May Russia Euro Micro 2 Voronezh pdf
20-21 May ITA Micro Italian Championship Venice pdf pdf
19-21 May Danube’s ChampionshipEuro-Micro Serbia Y C Zenum pdf pdf
10-14 June Russia Euro Micro Pskov pdf pdf
30.June-2.July SVK Euro Micro Cup Oravska priehrada pdf
1-2 July GER Euro Micro Germany 2 Zeuthen (Berlin) Cancel
28-30 July Euro Micro Poland Szczecin pdf
5-6 August LAT Euro Micro Latvia Usmas Lake pdf
19-25 August FRA 41 th Micro Cup – Micro World Championship Annecy pdf
14-15 Oct BEL Euro Micro Belgium /Micr’eau d’heure Plate Taille pdf

Euro Micro Results for 2017

And after all of these events have been completed, we finally have the provisory results of the 2017 Euro Micro Cup.

Download (PDF, 308KB)