129 Types, Versions and Variants

This purpose of this document is to give a list of existing Micro types, and short information about division, nation, manufacturer, designer, estimated number produced, production years, remarks.

The fact that a type or version is mentioned in the list is based on manufacturer’s or designer’s claims and DOESN’T imply that the Micro Class recognises the compliance of the type or the assigned division, except when the boat is marked as .

Certified (11)
Elektra 18 C Admiral Ushakov Cherezov 2009→
Flyer Classic C Wind Yacht Gonciarz 2010→  (provisional)
Flyer Cruiser C Wind Yacht Gonciarz 2005→
Jumper 550 Prima C MaWaMed Piesniewski 2007→
Jumper 550 Super C MaWaMed Piesniewski 2008→
Jumper 550 Racer C MaWaMed Piesniewski 2009→  (provisional)
Lince 5.50 R Sandenautica Díaz Melogno >3 2005→ In development
Ricochet 5502C C Spray Ltd Ricochet Design Group 2003→ derived from Ricochet 550S
Ricochet 5502M C Spray Ltd Ricochet Design Group 2008→ derived from Ricochet 5502C
Ricochet 559 P Spray Ltd Ricochet Design Group derived from Ricochet 550P
Silver 550 C Akvaplastika Uven 2007→  (provisional)
Other Productions (107)
A55 R Nor Sail >14 >~1982 production ceased
Baraka P Delta Nord Rome 1 1992 production ceased
Barracuda P Delta Nord Rome 3 production ceased
Baruda P Delta Nord Rome 1 1997 production ceased
Bobsail Racer R Bobsail Cernins >3 2004→ formerly known as Dotan Racer
Bruga C
Cap Baba C Berret production ceased
Castle 18 C believed to comply with the rules
Challenger Micro C CN Azuréen Gaubert 1977→
Challenger Micro 2000 C CN Azuréen Gaubert 1997→
Corsaire C various, including DIY Herbulot 1955→
Deltania 20 See Viko 20
Diletant 550 C MicroS Čerbikovs >10 2003 fixed keel
Diletant 550CB C MicroS Čerbikovs >4 2003 Same as previous, but lift keel
Dotan See Bobsail Racer
Dotan Evolution R DIY Cernins 2 2010→ under development; derived from Dotan Racer/Bobsail
Djinn 18 C production ceased; also known as Kibell
Edel 2 micro C Edel Edel →1979 shortened version of Edel 2; production ceased
Edel 5 C Edel Edel 1975-1979 also known as Edel 545 in Europe, production ceased
Edel 540 C Edel Edel 1979→ identical to Edel 5, production ceased
Eol C MaWaMed production ceased
Estrella 18 See Viko 550
Europa P Gallois Gallois 4 production ceased
Europa 2 P Volland&Leduc Gallois&Volland 1 2003
Expression C moulds were available for DIY Charles production ceased
First 18 C Bénéteau Finot 1980-1984 fixed keel or lift keel
production ceased
Flyer 550 C Wind Yacht
Flyer Sport C Wind Yacht 1999
GEM [GBR] R Humphreys Production ceased
GEM [AUS] R Central Boating Service Humphreys using larger spinnaker for racing in Australia
Gemini P
Gin 550 R
Go 550 R IndiGo Fauroux >6 2003→ re-looked Go-Neptune
Hippocampe 18 C Hippocampe Marique / De Swaene 3 production ceased
Hot Boat C Abrozej Abrozej
Jones Micro 18 R Jones production ceased
Jouët 550 C Jouët production ceased
Jouët Sport R Jouët production ceased
Jumper C Skipper Yachts Piesniewski 1999← production ceased
Kankan P Skrzat production ceased
Kelt 550 C Kelt Ollier 1978-1984 fixed keel or lift keel; procuction ceased
Kerkena 5.5 See Go 550
Kibell See Djinn 18
L’Ambre P Abrozej Abrozej >3 2004
L’Arte P InterG Ginter 1998-2002 production ceased
L’Arte P P-Plast Ginter ??? 2003-2007
L’Arte P Boatique Ginter 2008→
L’Arte Cruiser C Nautiner Yachts Ginter 2003→
Lena C
Lena Racer C
Lune de Mai C Finot supposed to be identical to First 18; production probably ceased
M550 C similar to Micro Pomo; production ceased
Marlyn P Marlyn White Jeantheau similar to Europa
Microbe P Caparros Caparros production ceased
Micro Challenger 18 See Challenger 2000
Microchip P Morrisson wood construction
production ceased
Micro Fate C
Micromarine P Charleroi Marine Fauroux 3 production ceased
Micropolka C
Micro Polo C
Micropomo 18 C Cantiero nautico Cadei production ceased
Micro Q C production ceased
MicroS 18 C MicroS Lakšs >2 2004→ all boats converted to MicroS 18R
MicroS 18R R MicroS Lakšs 3 2005→
MicroS 550 Racer R MicroS Lakšs 1 2009→
Microsail D R Jeanneau Mull 1981-1996 production ceased
Microsail M R ADN La Rochelle
CNL Saumur
kit AS Microsail
Mull production transferred
Microsail M R CN Franck Roy Mull 2004→2011 production transferred
Microsail M R 3 Caps – Marans Mull 2012→
Microsail Q R any manufacturer as above Mull customisation of D or M version, lighter boat with heavy lift keel, according to the prescriptions of Owners Association
Micro Spider C
Micro Spider R R Micro Spider with Racer rig
Microstar P
Microtoner 2000 Travesia R Primex / Aventura Yachts Völker 2000→
Microtoner 2000 Travesia Racer R Primex / Aventura Yachts Völker 2000→
Micro Weyer C Weyer
Mosquito C production ceased
Mosquito FL C Abrozej Abrozej 2000→
MT19 R Mariner CN Ltda Völker production ceased
Neptune 550 R Neptune Fauroux ~200 1979→? production ceased
Opus 5500 P Abrozej Abrozej production ceased
Pajnik 550 C Pajnik Yachts derived from M550
Pajnik 550R R Pajnik Yachts derived from Pajnik550
Plenamar C
Puppeteer Micro C ~15
Ricochet 550P P Spray Ltd Ricochet Design Group 1994→ production ceased
Ricochet 550R R Spray Ltd Ricochet Design Group
Ricochet 550S C Spray Ltd Ricochet Design Group 1986→ was produced by several manufacturers
Sailart 18 C Sailart
Sailart 18 Mk2 C Sailart new version with heavier keel
Seaswallow C Woort Abrozej 2005- under development
Serpentine R La Compagnie Enthousiaste Veys also available as kit or plan
Shanta P Skrzat production ceased
Skerzo C
SM 550 P Spray Ltd Ricochet Design Group
Speculation P Woof Morrisson 1979→?? plywood and cold-moulded wood; production ceased
Speculation P Boatique Morrisson GRP construction
Speculation 2 R Boatique Morrisson / Koch 2005→ in development
Swift 18 C believed to comply with the Class Rules
Ultra 5,5 R
Viko 20 C Navikom 2007→ believed to comply with the rules
also known as Deltania 20
Viko 550 C Navikom 2003→ believed to comply with the rules
also known as Estrella 18
Völker Mk1 C Völker
Völker Mk2 R Völker
Völker Mk3 R Völker
Windjammer P Windjammer boats Skrzat marginal production since 1996, ceased in 2003
Xp-18 C Germanboats Pajnik 2008→ Same as Pajnik 550
One-Off and Self-Made (11)
Ariel P B.C.A. Demco Lodigiani 1 2001 plans for DIY
Tandem keel
Diletant C DIY Čerbikovs 1 ~1984 construction in cold moulded wood; fixed keel
Diletant 2 C DIY Čerbikovs 1 1998 construction in cold moulded wood; fixed keel
Diletant 550 W C DIY Čerbikovs 1 2002 construction in plywood and cold moulded wood; fixed keel
Genart P Genart Genart 1 2007 fixed keel +forward daggerboard
L’Arte 2 P InterG Ginter 1 2005 using hull shape of L’Arte Cruiser
L’Arte 3 P InterG Ginter 1 2008
L’Arte 4 P InterG Ginter 1 2010
Lemaire P Lemaire Lemaire&Renuart 1 1992
Lucas P Lucas Lucas 1979→ one-off in permanent evolution
Puck P B.C.A. Demco Lodigiani 1 2002 plans for DIY