Application for membership


1. Conditions

According to the IMCCA Constitution, Art 5, only a Sports Association registered or approved by its National Yachting Federation may apply for IMCCA membership. Only one association is eligible for each nation. A national association may admit members from a non-member nation.

2. Application

a. The application for membership shall be made in writing to the IMCCA president. A copy of the application form should also be sent to the IMCCA executive committee by e-mail. See addresses on this Web site.

b. The application letter should be accompanied by:
the recognition or approval of the association by its ISAF Member National Authority (mandatory);
a translation in English of the constitution of the association (recommended);
a list of the members of the executive committee of the Class Association with addresses, phone number and e-mail address;
the nomination of a national representative to the General Assembly; knowledge of the English language is welcome; the national representative should be assisted by a technical advisor, with good knowledge of the measurement rules and the English language; he should be the national measurer of the Class;
general information about the activity in your country: number of existing boats, number of boats, active in racing (by division), manufacturers and information about the current market price for new Micro Class boats, location of main activities, existing Web site (recommended).

c. The IMCCA Small Executive Committee shall inform all member nations about the application and may decide a temporary admission or ask for additional information.
Application is submitted to the member National Micro Class Associations during the annual General Assembly before any discussion or decision about agenda points related to the future of the Class (international calendar, measurement rules,…).
Submissions made by candidates are received, but shall only be discussed if the membership is granted.


3. Rights

In addition to the right of vote and eligibility of their representatives, member nations have the right to apply for the organisation of the World Championship (see Regulation A) or one annual Euro-Micro regatta (see Regulation B), and request publication on the international Web site of the Micro Class of any information related to the international activity of the Class.


4. Obligations

Member nations are required to:

a. pay their annual and event fees to IMCCA;

b. appoint a national measurer within three years of admission;

c. give notification to IMCCA of any change in their status, regarding the conditions of membership;

d. send to IMCCA reports over the international regattas included in the IMCCA / Euro-Micro calendar;

e. provide information about the evolution of number of members and new productions in their country.

f. control the conformity of the productions to avoid abuse of any reference to the Micro Class in information provided by the manufacturers; this is made by making a full measurement of a reference boat and controlling the system of conformity documents issued by the manufacturers.