Euro Micro Calendar/Results for 2014






01-04 /05 Européenne Micro Plobsheim Results
10-11 /05 ITA CANCELED: Euro Micro Italy * Venice  N/A
16-18 /0510-12 /10 Danube’s Championship Euro-Micro Serbia ** Zemun (Danube)  Results
10-11 /06 Pskov Micro Cup Krivsk (Pskov)  Results
19-26 /07 GER 38th Micro Cup – Micro World Championship Berlin  Results
15-17 /08 LAT Latvian Euro Micro Riga  Results
22-24 /08 Euro Micro Poland Gizycko  Results
18-19 /10 36th Micr’Eau d’Heure Platte Taille  Results

 *) IMCCA regrets to inform that euro micro regatta scheduled for Venice has to be canceled and crossed out from the calendar due to unfortunate turn of the events

**) IMCCA and Serbian Sailing Association regret to inform that Euro Micro Regatta in Belgrade is postponed due to the State of Emergency in Serbia due to severe flooding. All sport events in Serbia are postponed. The regatta is rescheduled for for 10.-12. October 2014.


This years edition of Euro Micro Cup is presenting some news to the sailors.

Another interesting development with the calendar is that the regattas are pretty much grouped in time and by locations. The first three regattas are organized on the first three consecutive weekends of May. The locations  are: Plobsheim (FRA), Venice (ITA) and Belgrade (SRB). A very interesting point is that the venues are all 7 hours drive apart, so think about organizing a 2 week tour in France, Italy and Serbia or leaving your boats on the location and flying in the next weekend.

Then we go to Russia in June for the 11th edition of the now famous Pskov regatta.

End of July is reserved for the World Championship in Berlin – you just have to be there.

The second and third weekend of August are reserved for Riga (LAT) and Gizycko (POL) – again around 750 km from each other. So plan your mid August for the trip to the North.

Finally, the exciting Euro Micro Cup will get its closure in October in Platte Taille (BEL), like so many times before. Make sure to be there as we expect the competitive level to be second to just the Worlds in Berlin.

And after all of these events have been completed, we finally have the official results of the 2014 Euro Micro Cup.

Download (PDF, 104KB)