2017 IMCCA GA – Minute of meeting


  • Philippe Benaben : IMCCA president
  • Manfred Bauendahl : IMCCA Chef measurer
  • Francis Marx : Micro Germany president
  • Regis Mitonneau : Micro France president
  • Adam Szymborski, Piotr Tarnacki, Marcin Celmerowski and Bartosz Piotrowski  : Micro Poland representatives

Present via Skype

  • Mikhail Vvedenskii : IMCCA treasurer
  • Michal Kelemen : Micro Slovakia president
  • Maria Mischenko : Micro Russia representative

Attached Document :

TC report

Treasurer report

Country Reports (alphabetical order) :


  • Day 1
    • President Report
    • Treasurer Report
    • Technical committee Report
    • Acceptation of new class rules in SCR format
    • IMCCA board election
    • Countries Reports
    • 2018 EuroMicro calendar
    • Nexts World Championship
      • 2019 : Slovakia
      • 2020 :
  • Day 2
    • 2018 WC preparation

President report

Annecy 2017 World Championship :

9 countries and 2 continents : We have make the minimum required by World Sailing to ensure that the IMCCA remain a World Sailing recognised class. This is a good news and an important achievement for the continuity of the class.

The results are still to be send to world sailing. We didn’t have the support from the Federation to do it.

EuroMicro 2017 :

The ranking is late, due to the lack of time and the organisers do not send the results. For 2018, Regis Mitonneau will take the responsibility of the web site, and calculate the EuroMicro results.

For 2018 Régis will issue an Excel format to collect easily the results. The format will include World Sailing Sailor ID for competitor to simplified. (Nota : this ID is provided by World Sailing free of charge).

Treasurer report

Philippe Benaben will contact the countries who didn’t pay the IMCCA fees.

Technical Committee report

Philippe Bonnemain succeed to Jacques Pottier as French Measurer

The change of format of the class rules is voted. The new class rules will be in SCR format, with no changes in the content. SCR is the standardise format défined by World Sailing.

IMCCA Board Changes

The Following changes as been validated :

Francis Marx : vice-president in charge of development with emerging countries

Poland representatives (Adam Szymborski, Piotr Tarnacki, Marcin Celmerowski, with one vote): general secretary

Regis Mitonneau : Webmaster.

Country Reports

Key points :

Poland as a completely new class organisation.

France : major changes in the class board.

Other country, information provided by Francis Marx

Czechia : there is now 2 boats sailing.

UK : there is a fleet of 15 boat. They organise their major regatta 29 and 30 septembre. But the sailing area has low water with the tyde and the boat as diverge from IMCCA class rules.

Greece : there are some boats.

EuroMicro 2018 Calendar

Euro Micro 2018
Date from Date to Country Location
28/4 29/4 GER Zulpich
19/5 21/5 SRB Belgrade
1/6 5/6 RUS Moscou
9/6 13/6 RUS Pskov
29/6 1/7 SVK Orava
27/7 29/7 POL Szczecin
13/8 17/8 POL World Championship
8/9 9/9 FRA Annecy
20/10 21/10 BEL Plate Taille


Next World Championship

2019 in Slovakia

Slovakian team present the progress of the organisation and the details for the venue.

See presentation

2020 candidate

Poland present a complete project. The project is linked with the 100 anniversary of the wending of Poland and the sea.

Russian project is not advanced and can be changed to another year.

The 2020 WC will be in Poland, in Gdansk.

Next years

2021 : Russia say that they are candidate. This need to be definitive for 2018 GA

2022 : Germany say that they are candidate.

Any Other Business

Physical meeting in winter are expensive and with poor efficiency. A meeting with people physically present and the other via Skype is a bad experience. The next IMCCA meeting will be during 2018 WC, the saturday during measurement.

2018 World championship

Web site will be open soon, with the NOR, inscription and accommodation options.


There is plenty accommodation options, from luxury hotel to free camping on the marina. Booking must be done early, Świnoujście is a busy holiday place.

Sailing area : the sailing area is the Baltic sea. If there are to strong wind and waves, it’s possible to sail in the lagoon in the south of the city.

Security : the VHF is recommended. The IMCCA board warm the organizer not to give information in polish who may advantage polish speaking sailor.

Inscription fee are 275€, if registration before 30 April.

Measurement : like any WC, measurement is only a control. The sails without official stamps with be measure with a fee of 25€ per sails.