Great Micro Regatta in Slovakia

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Slovak Micro Championship was held from 16.8. – 17.8. on Oravska Priehrada, Slovakia. There were 16 crews participating mostly from Poland (11), and from Slovakia (5).
8 races were run, 5 on Saturday, 3 sunday.


The weather was windy on first day, 13m/s with gusts to 16m/s, second day was more quiet. There was one accident during the first race, when a Polish crews (Black Magic) flipped the boat. Fortunately nor he crew, neither the equipment got hurt.


Polish crews were seen as very good and experienced. It has turned out that at the end they win first positions in international part.
Check out the results here.


During the regatta there was a short shot in slovak sport part of main TV news on two stations (JOJ and TA3). starting at minute 5:25 and starting at minute 22:49


In the opinion of the organizer, a new friendship between Poland and Slovak crews was created. Moreover it looks as Slovaks got the hook and will be willing to participate in the regatta on international level.


Report by Miro Fedor, Slovakian Micro Class Association.