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IMCCA statement on jib measurement

All jibs measured by an official Micro class measurer by July 2022 or later will be considered valid.

All measurements are always to be measured according to the class rules, applicable at the time of the measurement and additionally the regulations of World Sailing.

Background information

1. IMCCA Class Rules

Class Rules of the Micro Class
Applicable from 01.04.2022

2. Guide to Equipment Inspection 2017

Figures G.2.3.1 & G.2.3.2 Leech flattening before and after flaking.[21968].pdf

3. Guide to Certification Control 2017

G.2.3 Primary sail dimensions (ERS G.7)[21967].pdf
When checking sail leeches for not being convex it is vital to flake the sail, as shown in figure G.2.3.1 as this can change the leech from appearing convex to being concave. It is also important to flake the sail when measuring luff perpendiculars on full jibs see figure G.2.3.6.
Figures G.2.3.1 & G.2.3.2 Leech flattening before and after flaking

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