The organisation shall be called the International Micro Cupper Class Association (I.M.C.C.A.)


The emblem of the class shall be as prescribed in Measurement Rule 2.8.2 (Read : Class Rules, edition 2006-2009, 02.02.01 and Appendix 6, Art A6.01)


The objects of IMCCA shall be:

  • to promote international racing in the class
  • to maintain the development of the class in the spirit and limits clearly defined in the measurement rules
  • to co-ordinate the activities of the national Micro Cupper Class associations
  • to maintain close co-operation with other national and international yachting (or sailing) organisations


a. The International Micro Cupper Class Association is represented in a country by a National Class Association or organisation

b. The National Association or organisation shall be acknowledged by its National Sailing Federation

c. National Associations or organisations will handle all matters of national interest, not to conflict with this Constitution nor with the Class Rules

d. The National Authority or the Class Organisation in each country shall be entitled to collect fees from the owners, in order to administer in that country, and this can be stipulated in the Class Rules


Members are Micro Cupper sailors who belong to a Sports Association registered or approved by their National Yachting Federations and/or in fleet regardless whether or not they own the boat they sail.


National Associations have full power to provide in their By-laws modifications for members retiring from the Association or being excluded from same.


a. It consists of each President of National Micro Class Association or in charge of National Micro Class organisation or his representative

b. Elects among its members President, Vice-President, Secretary-General, Treasurer

c. Its functions are:

    • to handle administrative matters of the International Association
    • to issue boat numbers
    • contacts with the IYRU (read: ISAF)
    • International race calendar
    • to assure that the Continental and/or World Championships are organised
    • to print technical informations and suggestion on how to tune and sail the Micro Cuppers
    • to promote the Class by all appropriate means
    • to keep in touch with the press and supply them with the results of major events, informations and statistics


Consists of:

    • the President
    • the Vice-President
    • the Secretary-General
    • the Treasurer

Handles current matters of the International Committee


a. The International Committee elects a Technical Committee to keep the official templates and to handle all matters concerning amendments to the Class Rules

b. The International Committee shall agree with the proposals of the Technical Committee


a. Each National Association or organisation shall be operated by a National Committee. Membership constitution, election, etc. will be decided by each National Association or organisation.

b. The President of each National Association shall take care of the relations with the International Committee and submit each year, a report concerning the year’s activities, and any questions to be placed for the next international meeting.


a. The International Committee shall meet at least once a year.

b. In case the President cannot attend the meeting, the Vice-President should be the Chairman. Should the Vice-President also be unable to attend the meeting, the Secretary-General shall be the chairman.

c. Decisions are taken by a simple majority vote. Each national Association or national organisation has one vote. The vote is made by the national representative or a proxy. No national representative will be permitted to hold more than one proxy. Any proxy has to be confirmed in writing to the President of the Executive Committee prior to the General Assembly.

d. Each member of the Small Executive Committee has one vote; the Chairman has a casting vote in case of a tie.

e. The International Committee shall be the only body empowered to:

i request amendments or modifications to this Constitution to be submitted in writing two months prior to the General meeting.

ii Propose amendments of the Class Rules to the IYRU (read: ISAF). Decisions reached are final and without appeal and shall be made known to all members and boat builders by way of each National Association.

f. Changes decided upon by the International committee will only become effective after a sufficient period of time, in order to allow each member to modify his boat accordingly

g. Invitations to attend the International Committee shall be sent to all recognised National Associations, not later than two months prior to the proposed dates of the meeting.

h. If the International Association requests membership fees from the National Associations, the International Assembly each year shall elect an auditor who shall certify the annual financial statement the following year. The auditor cannot be a member of the Executive Committee.


a. The President, the Vice-President, the Secretary-General and the International Treasurer of the Association are elected by the International Committee for a period of three years and may be re-elected for another term. In case of retirement, the newly elected member will continue the job of his predecessor.

b. Persons having assisted the association can be elected for honorary positions by the International Committee.

c. In the event of definitive unavailability of the President, the vice-President will be the acting President until the election of the new President during the next meeting of the International Committee.

d. A member of the Executive Committee may be dismissed by decision coming from all other IMCCA members. The official decision of each IMCCA member must be sent to the executive committee.

13. FEES

a. The International committee has the power to determine the fees payable by National Associations or organisations and builders or sailmakers.
National associations or organisations have power to determine the fees paid by their members.

b. The International Committee of the Association shall receive the fees of the National Associations or organisations and royalties of the boatbuilders and sailmakers and shall, in return, pay the IYRU (read: ISAF) their share in accordance with the Class Rules

c. Expenses have to be approved by the President.

d. Members of the various National or International Committees receive no salary for their functions.


a. Registered office is to: Fédération Française de Voile – 55, Avenue Kléber – 75784 PARIS Cedex 16 – FRANCE

b. It may be changed by the International Committee

(Note: current adress is: c/o Philippe De Troy – Avenue Reine Astrid 210/1 – B-7180 SENEFFE)

 Signed by:

G. MALLEGO, President

Ch.Ed. PONCELET, Secretary-General

Ch. EDER, Treasurer

Amendment February 4th, 2008 signed by:

P. DE TROY, President

F. MARX, Treasurer

R. ROBERT, Acting Secretary